Maxthon Tablet v1.5 for Android Tablets Free download

This maxthon tablet version 1.5 Easily sync your bookmarks, surf in style with multiple skins, RSS reader and download manager and more!

Actually, proliferation is the perfect word to describe Maxthon. It’s stuffed with features, and many of them are rather good. The browser’s start page is bursting with information, including RSS feeds and favourites, and a list of recently visited and most visited sites. Multiple tabs can be saved and opened as a group and there’s a surprisingly extensive screen-grab utility that puts those free internet packages to shame. 
Our absolute favourite Maxthon party trick, though, is Magic Fill. This tool allows you to save the data you’ve recently entered into a form as a profile. If you encounter a new form that you want to enter the same data for, you can select the profile and Magic Fill will do the rest.

Maxthon Tablet v1.5 User Interface

Download Maxthon Tablet v1.5 (it is maxthon trust source)


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