Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser for 7'' tablet-PC(android) is ready for free download

The ultimate maxthon introduced browser for 7'' tablet-PC. Lets you set up a safe web environment by creating a safe list of websites you want to allow your kids to access.

Use the Kid-Safe browser's pre-selected list of award-winning, age appropriate sites or enter your own.

Access will be blocked to any URL from web domains NOT in your safe list. All advertisements, promotions and links to outside sites from a 'safe site' will be blocked, keeping your child's web activity safely within the boundaries you create. Same thing for search results.
Creating and modifying of the safe list requires a password you can reset yourself. This extra security will prevent kids from changing the safe list.

The ‘default’ selection of websites is fun and educational. It would have taken me forever to find this content on my own. Now I can be sure I’m providing my kid with the right stuff.

Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser User Interface

Download Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser (it is trusted source of maxthon)


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